Our walk this year takes place on Sunday 28th September, IN REVERSE.  We will meet at the Maritime Museum and walk through the Aberdeen Harbour along the Coastal Path to the Cove Bay Harbour. Funds raised all go into the Statue fund, there are NO overheads deducted from what is raised, so do your best - take a walk through our beautiful countryside and help us towards our statue.  Isie Caie was the last fishwife in Cove Bay, and deserves recognition as a memorial to the fishing industry here. 

Beautiful Cove for Beautiful Scotland


Cove in Bloom has again entered Beautiful Scotland, and as keep Britain Beautiful is celebrating it's 50th year in 2014 we are supporting their celebrations.  The bed at the top of Earnsheugh Road is now planted up with the number 50 in yellow violas to celebrate. 

Our Heritage Stones

The Welcome Stones are in place now, we give real and heartfelt thanks to Leiths for donating the stones and setting them up for us. They have done an amazing job.  Go and see the Cove and Altens Heritage Stones along the Coast Road.  We have plaques on these with the logos designed by some of our primary school children, and seats and an information board will be added in due course.  

The dedication ceremony is on Wednesday 10th September  at 10.00 am.

Pallet Garden News

Cove in Bloom entered the pallet garden competition at RHSA Flower and Vegetable show in Duthie park and also the Dundee Flower and Food Festival in Camperdown Park, with our display entitled 'OOR DOLPHIN'.  We took first prize in both shows, and the prize money will go into our 'beds and blooms' fund for plants, compost, plant food, weedkiller - in fact, all the regular necessities of maintaining attractive plantings.

2013/14's Work

We have improved the planting around the shops in Cove this year. We have been given plants for these planters from Mr Penny, of Cove Bay Nurseries, who supports us so well every year, as well as by North of Scotland College, whose students with additional learning needs have brought on plants from seeds and cuttings and have donated them to us us for use in our planters and beds.

The two ploughs are in place behind the bed on the bank on Earnsheugh Road,  beside the wildflower bed with the wee Bug Hotel in it. These ploughs were once used to work the land here, and it is great to be able to remind ourselves of the farming heritage of Cove and Altens by displaying the actual implements that were used here in the past.  There is more to come on the farming front, so keep visiting the site for updates.

We have three more beds to look after this year,along Langdykes Road, and another shrub bed in Old Cove, across the tops of Hasman and Springhill Terrace alongside a well used footpath. 

We have started tidying up along Cove Road, too, where the grass and shrubs had got out of hand. Thanks to those residents who have made such a great job of the areas behind their houses.  We'll keep going until all this area is in good condition.

We haven't forgotten our statue, either.  We have raised about £2,000 so far towards 'Isie Caie'  and now have applied for funding to add to that.  We will need to raise about £38,000 for the statue, plinth, engraving and siting, so still a long way to go. 

2014/15's Work

The Isie Caie sponsored walk raised over £600 this year to add to our fund for the statue - well done those walkers - maybe we'll see more of you on the 2015 walk.

Our Orchard expands this year with the help of the Tree Council's Orchard Windfall fund. The 16 new trees were planted on 30th November 2014 by members of Cove in Bloom and some of our Cove scouts (Aberdeen 63rd trooop) and their parents and leaders.  Well done all - we will manage these with your help, looking forward to crops in a couple of years.  We can all enjoy the apples, pears, plums, etc in the future.

The hedgerow provided by the Woodland Trust by the has also been planted alongside the burn on Cove Road behind the Community Garden.  This will replace the stake and wire fencing completely in a couiple of years, and will really improve the look of the area, as well as providing homes and food for our wildlife as so much of their habitat has been lost to housing over this last year. Cove in Bloom guys planted this one ourselves - we didn't want to risk slips and trips, as we were working on the slippery bank there.

November has been a busy month for the team, pupils from both Charleston and Loirston schools have planted more crocus and daffodil bulbs near their schools with our help, and there are new daffodil bulbs along Earnsheugh Road and on the corner of the new Whitehills Close where it returns to the old South Loirston Road. Not a lot more that we can do until the New Year now, apart from general tidying up as weather permits.  

We'll be back in 2015!