Our statue of Isie Caie is in place and looking good!

the sculpture from the back before the unveiling

welcoming guests and visitors

clearing another area on the woodland walk 

putting up bird boxes

careful inspection of the ground before planting bulbs

controlled burning of the gorse cuttings

the heritage stones

Siting the seats by the heritage stones

crocosmia in the community garden in August 2017

The unveiling ceremony took place on 3rd November at the Green, Stoneyhill Terrace, where the sculpture is now permanently sited.  Wendy Suttar welcomed our invited guests and friends, and Chirsty MacSween, Isie's granddaughter, gave us a fascinating insight into Isie's lifeThe Lord Provost said a few words, and then, taking one corner of the fishing net veiling the sculpture, with Chirsty taking the other, they pulled the net off together.  The ceremony was rounded off with a glass of wine or fruit juice and a toast to the fishing in Cove.  The dignitaries and invited guests shared a fish pie tea at the Cove Bay Hotel to round off the event. 

The 2017 fundraising walk took place on 24th September, and the walkers took the new cycle track past the site of the works on the new harbour, then across the golf course to rejoin the usual route into Aberdeen Harbour and on to the Maritime Museum for a welcome cuppa. 

The 2016 fundraising walk took place on Sunday 25th September, and a keen group of walkers took the coastal path to Aberdeen then walked through Aberdeen Harbour to the Maritime Museum raising funds for the Cove fishing memorial, the sculpture of Isie Caie.  Albertino Costa  works on the statue every

Wednesday in Cove Harbour, and welcomes visitors to see his work as it progresses. 

The Woodland walk is coming on in leaps and bounds.  Mike's team of keen helpers have been working hard, and new areas have been cleared and bulbs planted, look out for them in the spring, they should look good. The new bird boxes are up, we'll be looking to find out if they're being used next year, and a large amount of gorse has been cut back and burned  Children from Charleston School Nursery have their Wellie Wednesdays in a clearing near the spring, and love to play along the way.  


1st February 2016

We had hoped to site the seats at the Heritage Stones yesterday, but circumstances worked against us.  They're in place now, though.  The seats are made from recycled plastic, the weed control fabric used underneath is recycled, and the woodchip is recycled from Cove's own Christmas tree.  How's that for being green!!


you may not be able to give your time, but you may well be able to help us - at no cost to yourself!  Cove in Bloom needs perennials and shrubs for various areas around Cove and Altens.  You may have Cotoneaster seedlings that have planted themselves, or Heucheras that need splitting, Crocosmia that has overtaken a border, in fact, any perennial or shrub that you do not want.  WE CAN USE THEM - contact us via the website, email, or phone, and we will come and collect them from you.  It may seem to be a little bit of nothing to you, but to us it is a great BIG help!

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

a bee enjoying our flowers